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About Vladimir Miketa

Vladimir Miketa is a Zadar, Croatia based Director and Director of Photography specializing in corporate promos, music videos, and documentary style projects. With years of experience, Vladimir is equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment to deliver high-quality videos that exceed your expectations. His passion for storytelling and attention to detail ensures that every project is unique and tailored to the client's needs.

And  use the latest and most advanced cameras to capture stunning visuals that bring your story to life. From high-end cinema cameras to compact mirrorless cameras, I have a wide range of cameras to choose from. Some of the cameras I use are Sony A7S III, Panasonic GH5, Canon C300 Mark III, and RED Komodo.

I use high-quality monitors to ensure that every shot is properly exposed and in focus. I use a range of external monitors from brands like SmallHD, Atomos, and Blackmagic Design. These monitors allow me to have a better view of the footage and make adjustments on the fly. External recording allows me to get a better image quality.

To achieve various looks and styles in my videos,

And  employs an array of lenses and accessories sourced from reputable brands such as Canon, Sigma, and Voigtlander. Whether I need  the sharp precision of Canon lenses, the creative versatility of Sigma, or the unique character of Voigtlander glass, my toolkit is a canvas that allows me to paint distinctive visual narratives, each as captivating as the last."

I truss premium grip equipment, including robust tripods, advanced 3-axis gimbals, and motorized sliders. These top-quality tools offer the stability and precision needed to craft seamless, captivating shots.

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